Ensayo sobre la ceguera audiolibro descargar

Ensayo sobre la ceguera audiolibro descargar

Ensayo sobre la ceguera audiolibro descargar

Essay on blindness : complete works : no es culpa

During the municipal elections of an unnamed city, the majority of its inhabitants decide individually to exercise their right to vote in an unexpected way. The government fears that this revolutionary gesture, capable of undermining the foundations of a degenerate democracy, is the product of an international anarchist conspiracy or of unknown extremist groups. The sewers of power are set in motion: the culprits must be eliminated. And if they are not found, they are invented.
In Rayuela (1963), Julio Cortázar knew how to condense his aesthetic, literary and vital obsessions into a diverse, profound, inexhaustible mosaic that, in turn, wonderfully reflects the most essential aspects of his time. The turbulent love of Oliveira and La Maga, the friends of the Club de la Serpiente, the unpredictable walks through Paris -the city that promises heaven but can lead to hell-, find their counterpart in the adventure of Oliveira, Talita and Traveler in Buenos Aires.
El viaje del elefante is not a historical book, it is a combination of real and invented facts that makes us feel reality and fiction as an indissoluble unit, as something typical of great literature. A reflection on humanity in which humor and irony, marks of the author’s implacable lucidity, join the compassion with which José Saramago observes human frailties.

Audiobook «the oblivion we will be» 5

The deep selfishness that marks the different characters in the struggle for survival becomes a parable of today’s society, thus transcending the meaning of blindness beyond the physical illness itself.
In this work José Saramago takes us to the limits of our consciousness through six anonymous characters led by a heroine (the doctor’s wife), who have to face a pandemic that is spreading throughout the world: white blindness.
In the first part of the book, the narration focuses on the first infected people, who are locked up in internment camps in the face of widespread panic. From their confinement a chaotic underworld is generated, where the basest instincts of the human being emerge. In the face of generalized fear – those inside, as a result of the uncertainty produced by blindness, and those who remain in the outside world for fear of contagion – the most amoral characters «triumph» and take advantage of the desperation and generalized panic.

Chapter 1 – essay on lucidity – josé saramago

José Saramago (Azinhaga, 1922- Lanzarote, 2010) journalist and writer, in his youth he suffered censorship for his militancy in the Portuguese communist party and was an active part of the mythical Carnation Revolution. Deeply skeptical in his intellectuality, he has maintained an ethic above parties and committed to the human race. The whole of his literary production has consecrated him as a universal author, thanks to his ability to devise his own world and his creative originality, which, together with his controversial vision of history and culture, have given him countless awards, among which the Nobel Prize for Literature stands out with its own voice.

Essay on blindness – josé saramago. audiolibro

These videos allow you to get closer to what was the writer.Video 1 : Late Genius – Brief Biography Video 2: Thought – «I do not believe in » Video 3: José Saramago – Power and MoneyReading option from PCSFollowing the link. It is an 11 hour video, so I leave you the reading times to evaluate.Audiobook «Essay on Blindness» YOUTUBESeek 1 Time: Up to 2:40 (hour:minute)Week 2 Time: Up to 5:40Week 3 Time: Up to 8:20Week 4 : Remaining time MIXCLOUD. It turned out to be an application that requires payment to listen to fullSORRY! Option #2 Read the text in PDF.  In the following linkDownload PDF

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