Como eleborar un ensayo

Como eleborar un ensayo

Como eleborar un ensayo

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If you are in school or studying you will have to write an essay from time to time. Sometimes you are assigned a specific topic to write about, but you may also have to enter a writing competition or write an essay to be admitted to a certain course. In this article you will read how to write different types of essays and how to check your work before handing it in. Then we will show you how to write narrative, persuasive and explanatory essays respectively. Read on quickly to find out how you too can learn to write like an expert!

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Writing an essay is not as easy as many people think. However, with a little thought and structure, it becomes easier. This step-by-step plan will help you write an essay.
First, it is important to realize that there are 2 types of essays: narrative and business essays. In a narrative essay, you make up the story yourself. In a business essay, you tell something about a particular subject. You can compare a business essay most closely to a newspaper article.
The business essays can again be divided into an argument and an essay. In an argument, you make a case for a particular issue or your point of view. In an argument, you try to convince the reader of something by giving arguments. For example, about your opinion. In an argument, on the other hand, you only say something about the subject. You do not attach an opinion to it, but stick to the facts about the subject.

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By an essay we mean a reflection or argument. It is important to be able to write a good essay, and the skill you train with it is a skill for life. In many studies, an essay or an essay comes into play a lot, and it is also an exam item in high school. Many pupils and students have a great fear of writing an essay: strict teachers judging by their own opinions, the subjectivity of it and the chance of blackouts. Fortunately, writing an essay is not all about talent; there are a number of things an essay must meet that will guarantee you a passing grade.
There are different types of essays that you can write. Therefore, when given an assignment or test, you are almost always given the choice of what kind of essay you write. Regardless of what type of essay, an essay should always be a written piece on one particular topic, containing as much information on the topic as possible. The essay should read smoothly and be engaging. A good tip is to imagine you are writing a piece for a newspaper: you want to inform a reader about a particular issue, but also invite them to read on. In any type of essay, therefore, you set up a main question, problem, or main thesis statement. You elaborate on these in the rest of the essay. The other aspects of an essay, depend on the type you choose to write:

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The structure of the text Introduction: The beginning should be catchy, so that the reader is immediately captivated (something funny, exciting or nice anecdote). You introduce the subject of the text. Middle part: In the middle part you present arguments or facts. What exactly do you want to tell the reader? End of chapter/closing paragraph: you can summarize everything again, give a conclusion or write a nice closing sentence.
Write the essay in the net and pay attention to spelling mistakes. Don’t write too long sentences and don’t use the same word too often.
Choose a place and think about the following (use a mind map): Why is this place so important to me? How often do I go there? How do I feel there and how will this be? What makes this place so special?
Get to work! Writing is something you have to learn, by doing it often. Good luck! Everyone gets 45 minutes to write an essay. After that you have 10 minutes to write it down in draft form and read it. Writing is something you have to learn, by doing it often. Good luck!

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